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ProCard FAQs

Who is the Procard Administrator and how do I contact them?
Your Procard Administrator is:

Melinda Jones
Coates 200, CPO 16
521 Lancaster Avenue

What is the billing address associated with the Procard?

The billing address for all University Procards is:

              Coates CPO 16
              521 Lancaster Ave
              Richmond, KY 40475-3100

How do I request a Procurement Card?
To request a new procard you will need to fill out the Procurement Card Request under EKU eForms in myEKU and return to the Procard Administrator when fully signed.  Then log-in to Blackboard where you will find all the procard training materials and exams.  Go Organizations>Procurement Card Management>Procurement Training.  Review the materials then take the exam for your requested tier level.  

Where do I go to allocate?
Allocations can be completed by following this link: US Bank Access Online 

How long do I have to allocate?
The billing cycle will close on the 25th of every month (unless the 25th falls on a weekend, then the cycle will close on the next available business day). You will have until 11:59PM on the fourth day of the following month to allocate all your transactions. So, if the billing cycle closes on February 25th, you will have until 11:59PM on March 4th to allocate.  If the the 25th falls on a weekend or holiday, such that the official closing date is Monday, April 27th (for instance), you will have until 11:59PM on May 4th to allocate your transactions.  Allocation reports are run in Access Online on the 5th of every month, regardless of weekends or holidays.  Allocation data from this report will be uploaded into Banner. 

If you have not allocated your transactions before 11:59PM on the 4th of every month, you may have to complete a JV or expenditure transfer to ensure all charges are allocated correctly in your budget.

We recommend allocating on the 1st day of every month, at this point everything that is going to post to your account should have done so. Our allocation schedule may serve as a helpful reminder.

Do our allocations go by calendar cycle or billing cycle?
Procard transactions are allocated by billing cycle. The billing cycle for each month will close on the 25th unless the 25th falls on a weekend, then it will close on the next business day.

How often are ProCard charges extracted and posted into Banner?
Procard charges are pulled on the fifth day of the month to review and load into Banner. 

How do I increase my monthly limit?
You will need to submit (email is preferred) a completed Account Maintenance Form which is found under the “Forms” tab on the Procard website. 

What type of purchase should I make with the card?
The Procard is intended to aid with small dollar and infrequent purchases. Please always reference the "Restrictions" list in the "Procurement Card Requirements & Procedures" manual prior to making a purchase. This document is located under the "Forms" tab on this website.

How do I add an organization (org) number to my allocation options?
You will need to submit (email is preferred) a completed Account Maintenance Form. Please be sure that the Financial Manager of the Org as it is listed in Banner has signed the bottom portion of your form. We cannot process your request without proper signatures.

How do I change the tier level of my current card?
You will need to submit (email is preferred) a completed Account Maintenance Form. You will check the box for "Change Primary Use of Card". Any upgrade in Tier will also require a corresponding Blackboard exam.

I didn’t authorize this purchase, what do I do?
You will need to contact the US Bank customer service at 1-800-344-5696 IMMEDIATELY! This number can also be found on the back of your card.  Please note, US Bank will not contact you requesting your information. If you receive a call from someone claiming to be from US Bank requesting information, hang up then call customer service at the number above.

The vendor billed my card for the wrong amount, what do I do?
You will need to contact the vendor to attempt resolution. If you are unable to reach a solution you should contact US Bank to formally dispute the charge. Their customer service may be reached at 1-800-344-5696.

How do I handle taxes on the Procard?
Eastern Kentucky University is only exempt from Kentucky State Sales Tax. Our tax exemption number (A605) is embossed on each ProCard. You should inform the vendor prior to purchase that you are tax exempt. Some vendors may also request a Tax Exemption Certificate. If you fail to inform the vendor prior to purchase you are responsible for ensuring that the University is reimbursed for in-state sales tax either by seeking reimbursement from the vendor or by reimbursing the University with personal funds. *The Tax Exemption Certificate is a secured form, which will require you to access the form using your active directory credentials (same as you would use to access your EKU faculty/staff email).

My purchase requires shipping, can I ship it to my home?
No, all Procard purchases must be shipped to an EKU campus address. Any shipping to a non-campus address will result in an immediate 30 suspension of privileges. You may review Procard infractions and consequences via the Procard Review Actions.

I need to reimburse the University for charges to my card, how do I do that?
That's so easy now!  Visit the Procard Reimbursement site, enter the amount you need to pay, add it to your cart, then fill out the information on the following pages.  Everything is online and you can pay with a credit or debit card.

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