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General Purchasing

Purchasing Procedures:

Eastern Kentucky University abides by the Commonwealth of Kentucky's Model Procurement Code (KRS 45A), University and federal directives, regulations, and policies related to the procurement of goods and services for the University.

Per KRS 45A.075 - Method of Awarding Contract, contracts will be awarded using one of the following methods:

  • Competitive Sealed Bidding, pursuant to KRS 45A.080.
  • Competitive Negotiation, pursuant to KRS 45A.077, 45A.085, 45A.090, or 45A.180.
  • Noncompetitive Negotiation, pursuant to KRS 45A.095.
  • Small purchase procedures, pursuant to KRS 45A.100

Per KRS 45A.030 (26), the Department of University Procurement will make a determination in writing as to what procurement method will be used. Please contact the Department of University Procurement for further information.

Purchasing Requirements for Goods           

  • Purchases less than $5,000 - one (1) quote.
  • Purchases between $5,000 - $19,999 - two (2) quotes. Quotations can be accepted via telephone with appropriate attestation by authorized EKU personnel.
  • Purchases between $20,000 - $39,999 - three (3) quotes. Quotations must be provided in writing from potential vendors.
  • Purchases totaling $40,000 or more will require a formal bid or RFP process; bids will be used to select the lowest cost vendor, and Requests for Proposals (RFPs) will be used when factors other than price are considered in selecting a vendor. Please contact University Procurement.

Purchasing Requirements for Services:

  • Total Cost less than $9,999 -  one (1) quote required. Quotations must be provided in writing from potential vendors.
  • Total Cost between $10,000 - $39,999 - (3) quotes are required. Quotes must be provided in writing from potential vendors. Note: Services that would require a Personal Services Contract (PSC) will require a Request for Proposals (RFP) to be issued from University Procurement. Please contact University Procurement for further information regarding this contract type.
  • Total Cost over $39,999 - contact University Procurement

Departments should send copies of quotes obtained to Purchasing. The Purchasing Officer will obtain additional quotes or process a bid/RFP when it is in the best interest of the University.

Please contact University Procurement before moving forward with purchases:

  • If purchase/project is expected to be $40,000 or more
  • If unsure about the cost of goods/services
  • For multi-year purchases
  • When a department is unable to secure the required number of quotes, University Procurement will post a public Request for Quote
  • Any questions regarding purchasing procedures

University Departments can procure goods/services by using one of the following means.

  • JAGGAER eProcurement System                  
  • EKU Procurement Credit Card (restrictions apply)

General Purchasing includes the approval and processing of all purchase requisitions submitted by University Departments.

Uniform/Clothing Purchase Requirements

 iPad/Tablet/Surface Purchase Process and Requirements

Professional Development Funds Purchase Requirements

Bid/ RFP Protest: Protest Procedure

Using Discretionary Funds -Non-Discretionary and Discretionary Expenditure Procedures & Guidelines

To Process a Purchase Requisition the following steps should be followed.

You must have  JAGGAER access as a requisitioner. If you have not yet obtained this permission, please contact IT.

Purchasing With Federal Grant Funds

Capital Equipment Purchases

Capital equipment purchases, items greater than $5,000, require appropriate Vice Presidential approval. VP approval requests should include item(s) requested, justification for purchase, cost, selected vendor, Banner requisition number and funding source. These requests may be submitted via email and approvals forwarded to the Purchasing Office.

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