Vending Machine Refunds

Eastern Kentucky University has established (3) offices around the University to coordinate snack vending refunds for staff and students. If you are in need of a vending machine refund, please reach out to one of the following offices...

  • Stephanie Sowders, Purchasing - Commonwealth 1415, Phone#: 2-1482
  • Sonia Smith, Business and Technology Center, BTC 214, Phone#: 2-1574
  • Janice Marcum, Criminal Justice, Stratton 354, Phone#: 2-3565

 If you need additional support, please contact the Purchasing Office at #2-2246 or

 Vending Services Liaison 

All contracts permitting the establishment and operation of concession services or vending contracts on university operated facilities are awarded through the Office of Purchasing. Any request for a concession or vending contract must be submitted on a Purchase Requisition describing the service desired and giving all pertinent details and approved by the appropriate Vice President. Any problems regarding vending machines (out of stock, broken, etc.)  on campus should be reported to the Purchasing Office.

Support Staff:
Name: LaDonna King 
Title: Senior Office Associate
Phone Number:622-2246
Email Address: