General Purchasing

Eastern Kentucky University, as a state agency, abides by the Commonwealth of Kentucky's Model Procurement Code (KRS 45A).

Purchasing Procedures:

Uniform/Clothing Purchase Requirements

Bid/ RFP Protest: Protest Procedure

 Using Discretionary Funds -Non-Discretionary and Discretionary Expenditure Procedures & Guidelines

 University Departments can procure goods by using one of the following means.

1. EKU Procurement Credit Card

2. Direct Payment Request - (See Accounting and Financial Svc.)

3. Purchase Order

4. Central Stores Requisition

General Purchasing includes the approval and processing of all purchase requisitions submitted by University Departments.

To Process a Purchase Requisition the following steps should be followed.

A Banner access request form (available at EKU forms) must be completed and approved for each individual who needs to process purchase orders. Each individual is assigned an operator ID number, password and must attend Banner F01 and Banner F04 training classes. Banner Manual

The on-line purchase requisition is entered and completed by the ordering department. The Division of Purchases has final approval for all purchases. Departments may check the status of their order by accessing Document History Form (FOIDOCH) in Banner. Upon receipt of the ordered items, departments should complete an on-line Receiving Goods Form (FPARCVD).

Departments should maintain a listing of all Purchase Order Numbers assigned to their purchases. A PO number should be referenced when inquiring about a purchase.

 Purchasing With Federal Grant Funds

Capital Equipment Purchases

Capital equipment purchases, items greater than $5,000, require appropriate Vice Presidential approval. VP approval requests should include item(s) requested, justification for purchase, cost, selected vendor, Banner requisition number and funding source. These requests may be submitted via email and approvals forwarded to the Purchasing Office.

iPad/Tablet Purchases

iPad and other brand tablet purchases require approval. A Banner requisition is the required acquisition method for this type purchase. Tablet purchase guidelines

Vehicle Purchases

Vehicle Request Form

US Department of Energy Alternative Fuel Transportation Program Requirements (please contact Purchasing for further information regarding vehicle purchases) 

Tax Exempt

Eastern Kentucky University's Tax Exempt Letter 

Eastern Kentucky University's Tax Exempt Form

*EKU Foundation Tax Exempt Letter

*EKU Foundation Tax Exempt Form

*Please Note: Pre-approval is required by the Development Office prior to foundation purchases.